What is ioBanker?

ioBanker is introducing the most reliable digital reserves banking features inherited from the ancient concept of “full reserve banking” thanks to blockchain and fintech technologies.

ioBanker is operating multiple platforms interfacing to multiple blockchains to facilitate trustless digital reserves services.

ioBanker provides Blockchain technological tools such as an analytics and digital assets trading terminal, data services, and news to individuals, financial companies and organizations through ioBanker terminals and associated pages on ioBanker's official website.

ioBanker is changing the way people used to save their reserves online with the concept of full reserve banking on the blockchain or (100% reserve banking). You are being your own bank as an iobanker. ioBanker is the bridge between digital currencies and electronic money institutions.

We've designed ioBanker terminal and Blockchain tools to satisfy the worldwide digital generation of digital era bankers. We have regulated channels between fiat and crypto digital currencies. We've partnered with worldwide financial institutions to provide financial services and digital reserves exchange features.

ioBanker combines a blockchain platform with fintech providers, banks and e-money institutions to offer financial services to a global market. ioBanker empowers innovation in global digital financial services through a platform built on blockchain where app developers and fintech partners can leverage ioBanker reach through licensed relationships with banks and financial services partners around the world.

Built on a core of proprietary technologies, ioBanker embraces a future where people and businesses around the world have access to safest, transparent, fair, logical and affordable financial services.

ioBanker terminals and self-hosted platforms are interfacing with decentralized Blockchain, the terminal account's are created at the blockchain directly through open source browser based terminal with encrypted SSL transmission of password key or brainkey file between user and Blockchain.

Our platform is fully protected against attacks with full data peer-to-peer encryption and 24/7 infrastructure systems monitoring.

We have implement high availability systems and disaster recovery procedures to protect our platform against extended down times.

Our data centers are segregated worldwide and protected from centralized outages.

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